The Building Process

The purchase of a new home is a huge event in your life but you can rest assured knowing you won’t be going through this process alone.  The team at Fieldstone Partners will be with you every step of the way!

Select homesite and model

Step 1
Select your homesite and model.

A sales manager will guide you through available models, standard features, options and upgrades to design a home that will accommodate your personal lifestyle.

Sign Agreement and Apply for Mortgage

Step 2
Sign an Agreement and Apply for Mortgage 

Once a price is agreed upon and all options chosen, an agreement will be signed.  A deposit is required at this time and an estimated settlement date will be established.

Selection Process

step 3
Selection Process  

This is where the fun begins. With the sales manager’s expert guidance, you will begin selecting siding colors, flooring, tile, lighting, kitchen cabinets, tops and more - basically everything you’ll need to turn our plans into your dream home.


step 4

The construction project manager will apply for all permits and work with the township to ensure the project moves along in a timely fashion.  The homebuyer will be invited for a walk-through prior to drywall to ensure everything is as expected prior to closing up the walls.  Your construction manager is there to answer any questions or concerns you have throughout the entire building process.


step 5

A final walk-through is scheduled prior to closing during which your project manager will review all the features of your home and a punch list of ‘to do’ items will be created (if needed). 


  Congratulations!  Keys to your new home (and to your future) will be handed over to you.  This is an incredibly exciting time in your life - Enjoy the journey.